Monday, 28 May 2012

Fun with the kids

Mondays are cleaning days for me, so when Vannes went down for his nap, the vacuum came out.  Balin did too - straight out to help!  He gets a bit aggressive with his hoovering, but that's okay, at least he likes it.  Next the mopping, which he wanted to help with too.  Helping in this case consisted of me running around after him ensuring that he didn't bang into anything, especially with the end of the pole, which is another two feet higher and behind his head!  When I took the mop away so that I could clean behind the doors, that was too much to handle and he sat down on the floor and cried.  Lol!

(Had to search everywhere for a 'sad' photo of B.  Not many to be found...)

All this was fun, then the silliness started.  I was trying to get lots done all at the same time.  This is how it went:

Toilet cleaner poured in, left to soak for an hour...  Two minutes later, Balin had flushed the blue stuff away, making 'Bleugh!' noises, if I remember rightly.  Note to self: explain to B that that blue bleugh stuff is making the real bleugh stuff go away!

Then I went to change Vannes in the bathroom, checking with Balin that he didn't want the potty first.  No, he didn't, just some cars. 

 (Vannes being happy and productive!)

Okay, I start to put Vannes on the potty, then hear the rubbish truck outside and realise I have not put the big wheelie bin out yet.  CRAP!  I stick Vannes' nappy back on, leave him on the floor, hop over Balin, saying 'Look after Vannes, Mamma's forgotten to put the bin out!', run outside grabbing the massive wheelie bin while flinging open the side gate, and realise the truck has already gone past and so go flying down the road to stick it in front of the truck so that it gets emptied!  The guy smiles at me, (he must have people miss the bins all the time, but maybe not that many who come running down the road with it trailing behind them like Supergirl's cape!) does his bit by dumping my rubbish in his truck, and I go running back, feeling all pleased with myself for getting all that way down the road and back and the kids still being safe inside. 

(What's that?  I'm cute?  Aw, thanks... :D)

I get back inside to find Balin standing in the laundry room waiting for me with a 'Pot-pot...?' and an 'Oops!' expression on his face and wet trousers.  I apologise that I wasn't there for when he must have been telling me that he needed the pot-pot, thank him for looking after Vannes for me, who is happily sucking on his own toes, and whip off B's trousers and undies, spruce him up and ask him to go get himself some new underwear and trousers, please.  He goes off to do so and I finish putting V on the potty and changing his nappy, only to go in to check on B who has a big smile on his face and has certainly got himself some new underwear... on his head!  :D

(Engrossed in Playschool, Balin loves putting things on his head, especially Pooh!)

As I walked back into the house later on, after Balin had eaten one lot of carbonara, I was greeted with, 'Mum, more lunch!'  YEAY!!  I've been teaching him sentences this last week, since Saturday, when he learned, 'Vannes, please may I have him?' (meaning Tigger) and Sunday he learned 'Poo/pee on the pot-pot!'  He now says his song, 'Poo-poo in the potty!' in his own way, and often observes, 'Pot-pot.' to which I ask does he need it? and he clarifies, 'Va-vaaa!'  B's name for Vannes.  It's always when I put V on the potty that he does this.  So he's been saying the sentences with me saying the words and him copying them, but when he said, 'Mum, more lunch!', that was all by himself and as a proper sentence, well, missing out the, '...please may I have...', but I'll accept that for now!  Plus he said 'Pray!' over the weekend, too. :D

(I get to make him giggle like this all day!)

Can I just say - I LOVE this job!  It makes me laugh every day!  :D

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